Our students use this wonderful textbook (Achieve College Success) in the College Transitions Program, and they absolutely love it. They report that it’s easy to use and understand, and they often say they read it on their own time (even beyond the pages their instructor assigned!) As a textbook, it equips them with skills and knowledge regarding college success, and this is crucial, but I think it does something even more valuable: It builds their confidence. After reading this book, the students BELIEVE that they can be successful, and they know they now have the skills to do so. And, really, that is the mark of a successful textbook.

Charlene Gill
College and Career Transition Coordinator
Austin Community College

I have been using your college success book with my students. This book is life changing. It not only teaches school success, but also life success.

Kelly Holland
High School Teacher
Irion County ISD

Achieve College Success is the cornerstone of our orientation for new students. It’s full of practical advice that many students miss through high school. Not only is it the cornerstone of class discussions, but it’s an ongoing reference for the students as they work through freshman year.

Hudson Baird
Executive Director
Peloton University

I like how the book, Achieve Career Success focuses on finding a path for each individual and basically links their strengths and interests into a career path.

Selena Garcia
Career and Technology Teacher
Judson ISD

I like all the different strategies presented in Achieve Career Success to help students discover their skills, talents, and interests. Each step helps them to delve deeper?

Lauralee Boudreau
CTE Counselor
Tyler ISD

Mr. Gerson’s text, Achieve Career Success has proven extremely helpful for our class. We reviewed a variety of texts and find this one relevant, relatable, and concise. Our students are big fans.

William Hudson Baird
Executive Director
Peloton University

Dan Millman, author of “Raymond Gerson’s How to Create the Job You Want offers straight forward, to-the-point gems of practical advice for those who would like to create a fulfilling career.  His advice and exercises reflect the hard-earned wisdom of experience.  A valuable book.”

Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Life You Were Born to Live

“Thanks so much for sending me the copies of How to Create the Job You Want and Effective Job Search Strategies.”It is so important that our young people have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in the real world.  I admire your dedication and hard work that has resulted in the publication of these two books.Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the children of Texas.”

The Honorable Ann Richards
Former Governor of Texas

“This little book (Create the Life You Want) illustrates through the author’s personal experience that it’s never too late to find the love of your life or career of your dreams. A great read for those looking for either”.

Marnie L. Pehrson, bestselling author of
Angel and the Enemy and founder of Ideamarketers