My passion is helping others to realize their dreams, to make positive contributions, to discover and use their talents, and to create and experience joyful lives.

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Raymond Gerson

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Create The Life You Want

My name is Raymond Gerson. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and over 50 years experience working in the career and personal development field. For over ten years I have been teaching college and career readiness and success courses and training educators how to do the same. (Educators: click on “Links” to see “College Readiness Training” for college readiness results and information).
My passion is helping others to realize their dreams, to make positive contributions, to discover and use their talents, and to create and experience joyful lives. I enjoy helping others at any age or generation, but I feel a special affinity for high school and college students. You are our future leaders and it is a joy to help you to discover and use your potential. Young people benefit tremendously from being taught success principles coupled with character education.
We need leaders with the skills, integrity and higher consciousness to help build a better world. The world needs leaders who care about the planet and who respect the worth and dignity of others. I want to play my part in helping to develop these types of leaders. This is one of the reasons I went into teaching.
I actually retired in 2003 at 62 years old and enjoyed “the good life” of retirement for three years. I came out of retirement to share new insights about how to make dreams come true. I believe that each of us is born for a purpose and we have talents and our own unique perspective that are meant to be shared. Using our talents to make a contribution to others gives purpose, meaning, and fulfillment to our lives. This web site is a work in progress and was designed to enhance your success in school, career, relationships and other aspects of your life.

I write textbooks for teachers and professors that inspires students to believe in themselves and teaches them strategies for success in school, career and life.


These workbook style texts are easy-to-use, simple-to-understand and adopters receive an entire turnkey package of instructor materials.

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Achieve Career Success: Discover and Get the Job You Want

by Raymond Gerson

Want to have a career you love and do well? This book can help. Discover your potential, a career that matches you, and learn how to get the job you want.

Achieve College Success… Learn How in 20 Hours or Less

by Raymond Gerson

Learn proven and easy-to-apply study strategies and other skills to help you succeed in school, in your career and in your life.

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Barry Blue, Host of “On the Air”“Raymond Gerson’s informative style is a welcome change from guests interested in only selling their books. Having Mr. Gerson on your talk show should light up your phone lines.”

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