Testimonials for books

Our students use this wonderful textbook (Achieve College Success) in the College Transitions Program, and they absolutely love it. They report that it’s easy to use and understand, and they often say they read it on their own time (even beyond the pages their instructor assigned!) As a textbook, it equips them with skills and knowledge regarding college success, and this is crucial, but I think it does something even more valuable: It builds their confidence. After reading this book, the students BELIEVE that they can be successful, and they know they now have the skills to do so. And, really, that is the mark of a successful textbook.

Charlene Gill
College and Career Transition Coordinator
Austin Community College


I have been using your college success book with my students. This book is life changing. It not only teaches school success, but also life success.

Kelly Holland
High School Teacher
Irion County ISD

Achieve College Success is the cornerstone of our orientation for new students. It’s full of practical advice that many students miss through high school. Not only is it the cornerstone of class discussions, but it’s an ongoing reference for the students as they work through freshman year.

Hudson Baird
Executive Director
Peloton University

I like how the book, Achieve Career Success focuses on finding a path for each individual and basically links their strengths and interests into a career path.

Selena Garcia
Career and Technology Teacher
Judson ISD


I like all the different strategies presented in Achieve Career Success to help students discover their skills, talents, and interests. Each step helps them to delve deeper?

Lauralee Boudreau
CTE Counselor
Tyler ISD


Mr. Gerson’s text, Achieve Career Success has proven extremely helpful for our class. We reviewed a variety of texts and find this one relevant, relatable, and concise. Our students are big fans.

William Hudson Baird
Executive Director
Peloton University

Dan Millman, author of “Raymond Gerson’s
How to Create the Job You Want offers straight forward, to-the-point gems of practical advice for those who would like to create a fulfilling career.  His advice and exercises reflect the hard-earned wisdom of experience.  A valuable book.”

Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Life You Were Born to Live

“Thanks so much for sending me the copies of How to Create the Job You Want and Effective Job Search Strategies.”It is so important that our young people have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in the real world.  I admire your dedication and hard work that has resulted in the publication of these two books.Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the children of Texas.”

The Honorable Ann Richards
Former Governor of Texas

“This little book (Create the Life You Want) illustrates through the author’s personal experience that it’s never too late to find the love of your life or career of your dreams. A great read for those looking for either”.

Marnie L. Pehrson, bestselling author of
Angel and the Enemy and founder of Ideamarketers

“Create the Life You Want, by Raymond Gerson, is like a small handbook with key information on how to transform your life into your dream.  With the four following main sections, Career, Purpose, Relationship, and Contribution, Gerson covers what “makes” life.  He breaks these sections down into chapters, simple yet detailed, to explain each factor thoroughly.  These sections include personal experiences for readers to easily relate, as well as specific steps to take, and questions to consider for further personal development.  These questions may seem like a miniscule aspect of the book, but are truly the core of it all.   We must ask ourselves the hard questions and respond to the answers.  And it is then and only then when we can really transform ourselves into what we want.  Gerson’s stories and steps may be interesting and helpful, but your answers to his questions are what really matters.  Gerson dabbles with spirituality in the book, but does not rely on it for his readers.  He explains it in a way that the individual must find his or her own way.  In other words, read the whole book, and pick out what works for you.  You might just find exactly what you need.”

Katie Erdman, Founder and Editorial Director
Be Me Magazine July 2007 issue

“Create the Life You Want gives you the tools to make your goals obtainable and to transform your life.”

Michael “Bucky” Godbolt
Radio Talk Show Host

“Create the Life You Want is inspirational, interesting, and has some wonderful ideas on how to create and attract the life you want. Whether you need help in finding what career is best for you, obtaining peace of mind, or finding the right person to share your life with, Mr. Gerson offers tips, summaries, and questions to ponder, and some of his own life experiences.”

Deborah Morgan

“Create the Life You Want is wise and inspirational. Using personal antedotes for his points, Mr. Gerson shares the insights gathered from years of counseling and examining his own life. He has identified the most important areas for having a great life and shared step-by-step plans for achieving their development. Definitely a most helpful guide.”

Lynn Skaggs, PhD,
Professor of Psychology

“I recently read through the fine book, Create the Life You Want. I like how uplifting it is. You showed in your own life how these great principles you are describing do work! I resonate both with the spiritual focus that is reflected throughout the book and the emphasis on self development as one of the keys to life’s riches.”

John Flowers,
Retired trainer and counselor

“How to Create the Job You Want” is a valuable tool for any job seeker.

Joe Collins, Reviewer
ALA Booklist

“The workbook approach (for How to create the Job You Want) supplements chapters packed with practical tips for creating a job profile suitable not only for corporate interest, but individual pursuit.”

The Bookwatch
The Midwest Book Review

“How to Create the Job You Want” helps readers identify skills, determine the best work for those skills, develop a plan to create a fulfilling job and then go get it.”

Jeff Rowe
The Orange County Register

“How to Create the Job You Want” gives a practical, proven, step-by-step method for creating a career that will be both satisfying and financially rewarding.”

Lynn Skaggs
Professor of Psychology and Sociology
East Central Texas College

“How to Create the Job You Want helps students develop a well thought out approach to a career after school.”

Mark Kincaid
Former Counselor and Principal of Leander High School
Austin, Texas

“I am a 16 year old high school student.  Your career books and strategies helped me to decide the work I want to do.  Since making this discovery my grades have gone from C’s to A’s because I see the purpose of school.”

Jennifer Simmons
High School student

“I read The Greatest Opportunity and Wow!!  I loved it.  I am truly awestruck that this is such an inspiring book.”

Hilda Lerma

“I really enjoyed reading Raymond Gerson’s book, Reaching for a Dream;   I didn’t want to put the book down.  It made me laugh and cry.  I found it to be very inspirational and motivating.”

Alisha Reed
Austin, Texas

“You have the rare ability to keep the reader moving along and be highly motivated by everything you say.”

Frederick Fell
Retired President
Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc.

The Greatest Opportunity

“The author offers some sage advice on finding inner stability, turning crisis into opportunity, and discovering the livelihood that fits you best.”

Jeff Rowe
The Orange County Register

Testimonials about Raymond Gerson

Flora Pockrus: “I have seen the positive upbeat reaction to Raymond, as he is able to reach out and stir hearts and minds to a renewal of a sense of self-worth, courage, and hope.  I whole heartedly endorse Raymond as a gifted teacher and speaker-able to communicate a zest for joyous purposeful living in an extraordinary manner.”

Widowed Persons and Retired
Persons Institute
Corpus Christi, Texas

“Raymond Gerson cares deeply about helping others to use their potential for making a positive difference in the world.”

Lynn Skaggs, Ph.D
Professor of Psychology
East Central Texas College

“That which Raymond has to offer will be self-evident to anyone-like sunlight passing through steel.  He has taught us

strength in spite of our individual shortcomings.”

Ron Earl
Former student

“You have given me hope.  No teacher of mine has ever given me this.  You have been my school angel Mr. Gerson and I appreciate it.  You have given me a better outlook on school and life.”

Steven Raymond
Former student

“You have a great and motivating teaching style and I have learned a lot in college.”

Juanita Acosta
Former student

“Mr. Gerson is one of the first teachers and counselors that I have ever been fortunate enough to encounter who deeply cares about others.  He has the ability to inspire, to give of himself, to communicate, and is deeply dedicated to helping others.”

Libby Stopple
Former student
Retired nurse

“Mr. Gerson embodies the very skills he teaches his students and is an excellent model of continuing learning and growth.”

Tobin Quereau
Division Chair
Austin Community College

“Raymond has a deep commitment to facilitating people’s career progress through the counseling relationship.”

Lynne Milburn
Career Center at
University of Texas (Austin)

“Raymond’s professionalism and integrity are exemplary.”

Martin L. Hansen
President and former employer
Management Recruiters
Austin, Texas

“Your ideas inspired me to create a business in which I design fashionable clothing for large women.  Thank you for making me aware of my talents and for helping me to discover the work I love.”

Linda Hardaway

“You are a wonderful teacher.  You are an inspiration to me.  You have transmitted to us the motivation to achieve each of our goals.”

Estrella Gutierrez
College student

“By using these strategies my grades have improved and my study habits have improved significantly.  Without taking this college course I would not be as successful a student as I am now.”

Courtney Beran
College student

“I got a 97 on a writing skills test.  This was the highest grade in all of my professor’s classes.  I am going to keep using the study skills I learned because they work for me.”

Claribel Vega
College student

“I think what helped me the most was the insight that Mr. Gerson would write on each paper I turned in.  To me it showed that he really cares and understands what life can bring you.”

Jennifer Costruita
College student

“I think you, Mr. Gerson are a motivator and I am thankful for all of your inspiring words.”

Olliette Davila
College student

“Mr. Gerson, I never write these types of comments, but I want to let you know that you inspire me a lot.  You have made me look at things differently in many ways.  I feel like I am a different person.”

Justin Brown
College student

“An awesome teacher.”

Former Student
Danae Smith

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